Waiting has its Rewards

The word wait is the most challenging, yet user-friendly word on the planet. When going to your favorite restaurant, the waiter takes your order and tells you your food will be out shortly which means you are going to have to wait. When at the nail salon, you walk though the door, sign-in, take a seat, then wait for your name to be called. Guess what? That’s usually a sign telling you that you’re going to have to wait. Even at the beauty salon, you don’t mind waiting.

In the quiet crucible of your pain, you cry out to God in hopes of Him coming to save you from your situation. After you’ve given God what you think are the best minutes of your life, you walk away excited because you just know that in a few hours God is going to answer your prayer. After only days of waiting, you become impatient and wished you would have solved this problem on you own.

The same courtesy you gave the restaurant, the nail salon and the hair dresser, should be the same courtesy you give to God. When God says wait, He is not trying to punish you or make you miserable. God’s wait means He is behind the scenes making sure that what you need is deemed perfect upon arrival. Have faith and stand strong in your waiting. Don’t allow the enemy to wear you down and cause you to lose your faith in God. Be courageous and trust God’s timing for your life.

Prayer: Lord, when my patience begins to wear thin and I don’t think I can wait on you any longer, send me reassurance through your word that you are still there. Help me to exercise the fruit of long suffering and stay courageous until your promises to me are fulfilled. Amen

Scripture: Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalm 24:17

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