Did you Ask God First?

Daily, we wake-up with plans for the day. Whether the plans are plenty or minute, we have made the list, checked it twice, and began headed in the direction we are going for the day. Have we ever thought that in the course of planning our day that God should be heavily involved? Have we become so independent that asking God “what plans do you have for me today?” become so obsolete?

God is a Father who wants to be included in the lives of His children. He is not some absentee dad who comes around every now and again loaded with gifts to keep you satisfied until the next visit. No. God is more than that. God is a Father who is always present and loves to be asked questions while being involved in our day to day duties. Because of God’s infinite wisdom, He has the answers we need before we even ask.

Retrack your thoughts and plans. Ball up the list and ask God what you shall do for Him today, and when you ask sit still long enough to get your answer. You will be surprised at what God has in store for you. God knows everything, even the secret things you have thought about doing. Start your day off right with God’s instructions. Life would be so much sweeter if you took a moment to include God in the details.

Prayer: I don’t want to do anything without your instructions Lord. Help me to be wise in my decision to include you in everything. Thank you for redirecting my plans and guiding me in the way you have chosen for me. Amen

Scripture: For the Lord gives wisdom, from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6

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