Traveling Light Women’s Ministry Podcast

Podcasts have become part of everyday life. Whether you’re on your way to the grocery store, picking up the kids from school, or just sitting around the house, you have access to sermons, words of wisdom as well as daily encouragement. Traveling Light Women’s Ministry have created a podcast for women to listen to for weekly inspiration. The podcast Monday Moments of Devotion will fill you richly with God’s word as well as encourage you on this journey we call life.

When Hope Calls- 8/22/19: https://anchor.fm/alicia-neal8/episodes/When-Hope-Calls-e4uf4a

Faith. Do I have it? If not where can I get it? -7/29/19: https://anchor.fm/alicia-neal8/episodes/Faith–Do-I-have-it–And-if-I-dont-where-can-I-get-it-e4pabq

Burnout or Breakdown?- 7/22/19: https://anchor.fm/alicia-neal8/episodes/Burn-Out-Or-Breakdown–What-Does-God-Have-to-Say-about-your-Self-Care-e4mqoo What Does God Have to say about your Self-care?

Overcoming Disappointment- 7/15/19: https://anchor.fm/alicia-neal8/episodes/Overcoming-Disappointment-e4khvq

Growing Where you are Planted- 7/8/19: https://anchor.fm/alicia-neal8/episodes/Monday-Moments-Of-Devotion-Growing-Where-You-Are-Plantede4ieia

God, Are you there?- 7/8/19: https://anchor.fm/alicia-neal8/episodes/Monday-Moments-Of-Devotion-God-Are-You-There-e4e387

Exercise your Fruit- 7/1/19: https://anchor.fm/alicia-neal8/episodes/Exercise-Your-Fruit-e4ge72